If you’re aged 18 or above, live in the UK – you can join! You also need a valid email address and in return we will give you the chance to win some great prizes by simply taking part in our community activities and online surveys. Any account created from outside the UK will not be accepted.

You can register by clicking the 'Join now!' button on the Matters landing page. Your email has to be unique and validated once you register. It is also not permitted to register several different email addresses. You are only permitted to have one account registered to the Matters community.

Click on the 'Forgotten Password' link which appears when you click the ‘Log in’ button on the landing page.

Please update your registered information via your profile page. Your registered account information is used to determine what surveys you are sent as well as where the survey invitations / email communications are directed - so it is essential this is kept up to date.

You’re welcome to delete your account at any time. To do so, go to your Profile page and choose the ‘delete my account’ option. You can also unsubscribe from email communication.